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Recently Developed Website & App for a Saudi Arabia based client is LIVE. The product is called PlayAt.

It connects you with sports, activities and outdoor games, anywhere and anytime! It is a perfect solution for visitors to a location, people that are new to a neighborhood, and those taking up a new sport.

Brief about the Product( Sports App Development Company )

The PlayAt platform enables you to live search, browse, join and reserve a spot with a host who is organising a sports game taking place near you. When you use the platform to register, the location of the sports event or class and the contact details of the host will be shared with you. PlayAt listings are available in USA, India, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, UAE, Oman and all European Countries and the Republic of Turkey.

PlayAT App ( Sports App Development Company )

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Key Features of the Product( Sports App Development Company )

Browse Games:

Browsing made easy! You will see a list of games based on the location with their genres and the required information of different games on one screen. This includes the Time(duration), date of the game and the city. On clicking the game, you can see the other details like the Game Rate, Location Rate and Host rate. This helps you to see what other people feel about it.

Join Game:

This allows you to join a game you always wanted to play and through easy and secure payment. And the next thing you need to do is go to the venue and play! Simple isn’t it?

Host Game:

You can make money with your hobby! Wondering how? PlayAt allows you to organize a game. You just need to put in some details and you are sorted. Enter the Game category that can be Sports, Water or others, Game you want to host, City, Date, start time, end time, number of players needed, game name, Game price per player and game location.


This feature allows you to follow the games you like to have updates about it. You will know all the activities happening around your favorite hosted game. You can see the list of following hosts. This helps in inviting your followers to the next hosted game.

Live Help:

PlayAt allows user to provide live support. It enables you to have real-time conversations with support. Its quick and convenient and allows you to multi-task. Even if you have to wait for a few minutes, you can continue with what you are doing instead of staring at the screen. Also, the wait time is negligible, and the queries are answered instantly.

My Wallet:

PlayAt allows you to keep a track of your earned and spent amount on the games. It reduces checkout friction. It provides easy accessibility and is very simple to load money.

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In total, this application aims at connecting people with sports. Whether you like soccer, hiking, street basketball or a round of golf, PlayAt will help you to connect with hosts and other members just like yourself who are ready for a game! So, join Playat now!

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