OWIN App: A Fantastic Food Delivery App That Connects Users with Different Food Sources.

OWIN - Food Delivery App

As you all know, Mobulous is a top mobile app development company in India, known for building innovative and engaging mobile apps for users. We are glad to announce that we have recently created a fantastic OWIN app for one of our Indian clients.

OWIN is an app that connects users with different food sources such as restaurants, bars, kiosks, hotels, and many more such places. The app is fantastic and comes with a lot of exciting features.
Let’s know more about our newly launched app, the OWIN app.

Introduction of OWIN App:

OWIN is an app that links users to different food sources available in the market. The app is pretty easy to use. Once users login and register themselves in the app, you can get the benefits of this app. The app allows finding restaurants, ordering food from menus, and placing orders for delivery, pickup, or eat-in restaurants. 

The app presents a list of participating restaurants that accept OWIN app payments and provide various food discounts to users. After seeing the list, users can select the best food place and order food by paying through the app. The app has a push notification feature in it. The push notification features allow users to get important notifications such as the status of the order, arrival of the delivery, Table reservation status, and many more.  

The app also has blog sessions where users can read fantastic food blogs. The app also provides an excellent opportunity for users to become a merchant. 

Benefits of the OWIN App:

  • The OWIN app allows you to find the best restaurant, providing excellent discounts and offers.
  • Users can save enormous time, as the app will enable users to reserve tables and place orders from the restaurant they want. 
  • Users can pay the bill of the restaurant through the OWIN app.
  • Users get notifications about every update. 

What are the Essential Features Integrated into the OWIN App?

Here are the key features that we have integrated into the OWIN app:

For Users Side

  • Login or Registration- Like every on-demand app, the OWIN app also has a login or registration feature. The app allows users to enter into the app by adding an email or phone number.

Moreover, Users can also enter into the app by adding their social media account such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. 

  • Search and Filter- Users on an on-demand app always look for their preferred services. We have integrated search and filter features in the app. The search and filter feature allows users to find different food sources available in the market. The app presents users with participating restaurants that accept OWIN app payments and provide various food discounts.
  • Adding Food to Cart – After finding food that users want to order, they can add items to the cart. Customers can also place multiple orders from more than one place through the app.
  • Google Maps-The app is linked to Google maps that help present participating restaurants near them whenever they click the app or type in the restaurant’s name.
  • Easy Payment- After adding items to the cart, users can place an order. They need to add their address details.

Users will get the delivery of their favorite food on their doorstep. After getting the delivery, they can make payment using a debit card, credit card, PayTm through the app. 

  • Delivery Person’s Contact Information- The app allows users to get the complete details of the delivery person. They can contact the delivery person to know about the delivery timing.
  • Reserve a Table- Users can reserve a table at their favorite restaurant. After booking the table, they can know the update.

This feature can save a great time and effort for the users. 

  • Push Notification- The app has a push notification feature that updates users about various discounts, offers, the status of the order, arrival of the delivery, table reservation status, and many more.

This feature helps users to connect to the app. 

  • Become Merchant- The app opens an excellent opportunity for users to become a merchant. They can earn a considerable amount at their home using the app.
  • Blogs- The most feature of the app is the blog session. The app has numerous exciting and knowledgeable blogs for users. Users can read blogs and boost their talent.
  • Contact Us- If users face any issues or problems regarding the app’s service, they can contact the team. The team will be available 24*7 to help users.

Features For Admin Panel 

  • Login or Registration

Just like the user panel, the admin panel has the same login feature. Admin can enter into the app by using email or phone numbers or adding social media accounts.

  • Manage Orders

Admin can manage the orders using the dashboard.

  • Assigning Orders

After getting

  • Assigning Orders

 the orders, the admin can assign the task to the delivery person. 

How To Install and Use The OWIN App?

The OWIN app is available only for the people of India. To download the app, they need to do the following steps:

  • First, users need to go to the App Store & Google Play Store and type the OWIN app.
  • After finding the OWIN app, users need to tap on the install button.
  • Next, users need to wait for a few seconds to install the app.
  •  Once the app is installed, users can find the app on your home screen
  • Now users can open the App and Sign up to create their account.

Meet The Company that has Created OWIN App-

OWIN is a fantastic app that has already attracted a considerable number of users. The app is best for those users who love to explore different food places such as restaurants, bars, kiosks, hotels, and many more.

If you are also looking to create an app like OWIN, you can contact Mobulous. We are a top leading mobile app development company that provides services globally. We always try to innovate and develop feature-rich, top-class mobile apps that give your businesses a competitive edge. Our team of developers and designers put 100% effort into delivering the best results. 

Get in Touch with our Sales Team: sales@mobulous.com
Access Our UI Case Studies: https://www.behance.net/mobulous


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