How Swift is the future of iOS App Development?

Swift future of iOS App Development

Looking to design an iOS app but confused to decide which programming language to select? Well, we have your answer.

Before developing your iOS app, you must select the programming language you want to code it in. There are numerous languages available to create iOS apps. However, Swift programming language is considered the preferable choice for iOS app development. The language has already captured the majority of the market.

In this post, we will discuss Swift and Why Swift is the future of iOS app development.

Swift- An Introduction 

Swift is Apple’s most robust, trending, and efficient programming language launched in the market to replace Objective C.

The programming language has numerous exciting features and functionality. It is based on the crucial concept of C and Objective C. In the modern era, almost every iOS App Developers prefer Swift programming language to develop iOS mobile apps.

One of the best things about the language is that it allows developers to build apps for every device of Apple, including iPhones, iPad, MacBooks, Apple TV, Apple Watch.

Why Choose Swift Application Development?

Swift is the future of iOS development that ensures the coding is safe and secure. Let’s have a look at some of the top reasons that show Swift is the future of iOS App Development-

  • Swift is open-source

Swift is an open-source development language. That means anyone can use it to develop an iOS app with it.

It also provides an opportunity to developers to contribute to language development. They can share their ideas on language development, bug fixing, best work, and many more.

Moreover, abundant resources and learning books are available, making the programming language easier for newbie developers.

  • Rapid Development Process

In comparison to Objective C, Swift is 2.6 times faster. Swift offers LLVM tools, a modular and reusable compiler, and toolchain technologies that allow developers to create an iOS app quickly. These tools convert assembly language into executable machine code, which enables faster code processing.

  • Easy to maintain and read

Swift’s syntax and grammar are pretty smooth, straightforward, and expressive, making it easy to read and write. In comparison to Objective C, Swift is much easier to read and write.

The programming language saves iOS developers colossal time and effort as they don’t need to write more codes to develop iOS apps.

Moreover, it allows fewer code errors that result in speedier coding, faster problem solutions, and easier maintenance.

Additionally, it comes with an Automatic Memory Counting (ARC) feature that can track and handle the memory usage in the developed apps.

  • Higher safety and improved performance:

Apart from being faster than Objective C, Swift ensures to enhance app performance too. According to the report, the language offers a 40% performance boost for the application. If you still find it difficult, you can improve the Swift code’s performance by optimizing it.

A skilled developer will know exactly how to operate the feedback and catch errors and correct it in the code. As a result, the code crashing is no longer an issue in the development, and the bugs can be fixed instantly.

  • Enhanced team Scalability

Project managers can quickly scale their development teams with Swift by adding new developers as needed. All thanks to the programming language’s simplicity, brevity, and readability.

  • Regular Updates

With the launch of Swift 5, the programming language has become more robust and functional.

Stable Application Binary Interface (ABI) was introduced in swift 5. The stable ABI feature of Swift 5 allows Apple to support the language across the Apple platforms.

Bonus- Best Resources to Learn Swift Programming Language in 2021

We believe that you must agree on the fact that Swift is the future of iOS Development

As you agree with us, you must want to learn the Swift language. So, here are some top resources that you must know for Swift programming languages-

  • Swift Sandbox
  • Swift Development with Visual Studio Code
  • Medium
  • GitHub’s Swift Repositories
  • O’Reilly Media Swift Books

Conclusion for Swift Development-

Swift is indeed the future of iOS app development/iPhone application development. Despite being so new in the market, the programming language is becoming a widely used language for iOS development. Most software developers like to work with this programming language as it allows them to write and read codes easily, maintain the apps, and offer numerous advanced development tools.

Some of the top companies that have already adopted the language include Whatsapp, Twitter, Linkedin, Kickstarter, and many more.

If you are eager to implement Swift in your current app or build a new app, you can hire a top mobile app development company.

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