A Guide To Android App Development For Complete Beginners In 5 Easy Steps

Guide to android app development for complete begineersin 5 easy steps


Do you have an excellent Android app development idea for your business? But you don’t know how to achieve it. Well, you don’t need to worry. Being a top Android app development company, we will share our top Android app development guidelines to help you create the world’s best Android apps.

Learning Android app development may seem daunting, but it can open a great door for you. A unique, feature-rich, and advanced Android app can make you shine in a day.

So, let’s explore our comprehensive guide on Android mobile app development. Here in this blog, we have broken down the complete guide to Android mobile app development into five simple steps

Before we discuss the Android mobile app development guidelines, first, let’s know some important facts and stats about Android mobile apps-

  • You will find around 2.9 million mobile apps in the Google Play Store.
  • Android has over 2.8 billion active users and a 75 percent global market share.
  • In Brazil, India, Turkey, Vietnam, and Indonesia, Android has a market share of above 85%.
  • Every month, more than 100,000 new Android apps are added to the Google Play Store.
  • The majority of today’s mobile apps are owned by Google.

These stats clearly show the Android app development market has tremendous scope. Developing Android apps for your business is indeed a wise decision.


A Comprehensive Guide On Android App Development For Newbie Android App Developers-

  • Confirming The Idea

As you already know, numerous Android apps are already there in the market, so you must think of something unique. Before you finally plan to proceed, you need to answer some of the following questions to ensure your app idea is correct.

  1. App’s Objective: What’s the objective of the app? Does your business require a mobile app? Does your app meet your target audience’s needs?
  2. App USP: Why should your target users use your app? How is your app different from another app? What are the essential features to integrate into your app?
  3. App Marketing: How will you promote your app?
  • Create Wireframes

Once you finalise the app’s idea and market research, it’s time to create a wireframe. The wireframe is considered the blueprint of your application that will describe the designs and functionality of the app. Additionally, you can know the look and work of the application.

  • Development

After creating the wireframes, you can start the development process and give the proper shape to your dream app. The development process contains the coding part and the actual realization of your app.

The stages of mobile app development include activities-

# Placing up an appropriate development environment

# Writing different parts of the code

# Performing preliminary testing

# Creating a mobile app that can be installed and tested.

  • Test Your App And Improve

There are various stages of mobile app testing. Let’s know some of them-

# Documentation Testing

# Functioning Testing

# User Interface Testing

# Compatibility testing

# Performance testing

# Security testing

# Certification testing

Let’s have a look at some of the most popular mobile application testing tools:

# Selendroid, Appium, Robotium, and Ranorex are tools for managing functionality testing.

# User Zoom, Reflector, and Loop are valuable tools for usability testing.

# FitNesse, Jubula, iMacros, LoadUI, and Coded UI are excellent app interface testing options.

# BrowserStack, Browsera, CrossBrowserTesting, Litmus, Ghostlab, and Rational ClearCase are excellent compatibility testing options.

# NeoLoad, Apteligent, and New Relic are all excellent options for performance testing.

# Retina CS Community, OWASP Zed Attack Proxy, Veracode, Google Nogotofail, and SQL Map are good security testing options.

  • Launch Your App

Now, you can launch your Android app in the Google play store. Now you must be wondering how to submit the app in the Google play store. Well, here we have some essential guidelines that will help you to publish your app successfully-

# Prepare the information for your mobile app.

# Upload your application’s APK or mobile app bundle files.

# Set the content rating for your mobile app.

# Set the app’s price and release date.

# Make a distribution strategy.

# Make your application public.

Final Words:

The Android app development process is pretty tedious and time-consuming. But, if you do it properly, you can become a star in a day. In this blog, we have given our best to make the Android app development process easier for complete beginners.

Furthermore, if you have any queries or doubts, you can talk to us. We are among the leading mobile app development companies that have successfully deployed numerous Android apps for multiple users all across the globe. Our team will provide you with the best guidelines to offer you the best Android apps at an affordable price.



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