Builders’ Association of India- A Website to Find All the Builders & Constructors

Builder Association of India (BAI)

Finding a professional team of builders to get your desired home is indeed a challenging task. But with the introduction of technology, everything has become super easy.

Recently the team of Mobulous created a website named ‘Builders Association of India’ (BAI) for one of their renowned clients. The website is impressive, easy to use, and has many exciting features. It allows users to get a complete list of dedicated builders in one place.

So, are you looking to know more about our newly launched?

Website? If yes, you must read our blogs carefully.

Introduction: ‘Builder Association of India’ Website-

The ‘Builder Association of India’ website is a place to find all the builders and constructors. The website connects all the builders of India in one place.

It helps members save colossal time and effort. Members can check the complete lists of builders just with a few taps on their devices, including smartphones, desktops, and laptops.

Moreover, members can contact the one they find best for their dream house project.

Significant Highlights of the BAI Website-

  • Database Management

Database Management

The website allows the admin to manage the complete data of every member smoothly.

  • Membership Management

Membership Management

The membership management features provide the admin with the tools to manage users’ membership data through databases.

  • Detailed Member Profile

Detailed Member Profile of builder association of india

The website only includes the certified and detailed profiles of the builders.

  • Custom CRM

Custom CRM of Builder Association of India

We have integrated custom CRM into our website. The feature allows the admin to manage the work smoothly.

Features That We Have Integrated Into the Website for Members or Users Side:-

  • Easy Registration

Members can easily log in or register to the website by adding their email id or phone number. After adding the email id or phone number, they can create their customized password.

  • Edit Profile

Members can customize their profiles smoothly. They can add their basic details such as photo, gender, location, phone number, and so on to connect with the potential users.

Additionally, they can change their details, including phone numbers, if they want to change it.

  • Search

The website has a search feature that allows members to search other members and organizations smoothly. They need to click on the search button and type members’ names, organization names, or membership types. They will get the complete list of the members they want to find out.

Features That We Have Integrated Into The BAI Website for Admin Side-

  • Easy Registration

Like the member side, the registration process of the admin side is smooth and straightforward. Admin can quickly enter the website by adding their email id or phone number. They need to create a custom password to register themselves.

  • Add Members or Bulk Information

Admin can add members’ information by either adding manually or bulk upload. The feature is super quick and easy and can save admins colossal time and effort. They don’t need to go to every members’ profile and add information. They can upload all the members’ information in bulk without even visiting each members’ profile.

  • Accept or Reject

When the members make any profile changes, the admin can accept or reject them according to their choice.

If the admin finds the information helpful or appropriate, they can click on the accept button, and if not, they can click on the reject button.

  • Search and Make Changes

Admin can search all the members’ profiles and instantly make changes on the profiles they want.

  • Push Notification

Push notification is an essential feature that almost every on-demand website and app includes.

The push notification feature allows the admin to get notifications about every members’ information or new updates.

Meet the Team That Created the BAI (Builder Association of India) Website –

The ‘Builder Association of India’ website is a result of the hard work and dedication of the whole team of Mobulous. The website designers, developers, testers, QA Analysts of the company have worked hard to build the website. The website connects various talented and skilled housebuilders in one place.

The website is already creating great hype among users. If you also want to create a website like  ‘Builder Association of India‘ (BAI) you can contact us.

We are a Web & Mobile App Development Company with a certified and enthusiastic team of developers and designers who know the secret to creating the world’s best website.

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