Progressive Web App Development Cost in 2024

Progressive Web App Development Cost

Progressive web app development cost in 2024 remains a pivotal concern for businesses of all scales in order to navigate the digital landscape. As we can see technology is evolving over time, and decoding the intricacies of cost factors becomes important in order to make informed decisions. 

In order to remain competitive in the digital market, it is important for businesses to understand the investment required for crafting these dynamic web experiences. In today’s era of innovation, learning about the cost of developing a web application that is progressive is one of the most essential elements for businesses of all scales.

By delving into the nuances of PWA development costs, businesses are able to plan their digital initiatives strategically in order to ensure optimal returns on investment in the ever-evolving realm of web development.

What are Progressive Web Apps (PWA)?

A progressive web app or PWA is an application that is developed with the help of certain web platform technologies, but that delivers a user experience just like a platform-specific app. These progressive web apps combine the top-notch features of both websites and mobile apps.

Just like a website, a progressive web app can run on various platforms and devices from a single codebase. Like a platform-specific app, PWA can be downloaded on a device, can be operated and worked in an offline way and in the background, and can be integrated with the various devices and with other installed applications.

The users are now able to download web applications to their home screens, receive push alerts and notifications, and work offline with the help of Progressive Web Applications. 

This has been made possible due to the recent developments in the browsers and the Cache and Push APIs. Well, the market size of progressive web apps is envisioned to reach $10.44 billion by 2027. It is basically growing at a CAGR of 31.9%.

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Difference Between Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) and Web Apps

Well, PWA is a regular web app but it has more potential than web apps. It is a mixture of web and app that delivers improved user experience on both the desktop and mobile. Users are able to install and launch these progressive web apps effortlessly and hassle-free like all those native apps. 

These applications demand browser and connectivity in order to work seamlessly regardless of the nature of the operating system and devices. PWAs give a more attractive, faster, and easier user presence when compared with a web app. 

In contrast, web applications can only be used on a web browser whereas PWAs can be added to a home screen via a web browser or App Stores.

Cost Issues of Progressive Web Apps

Before you calculate the actual progressive web app pricing structure or web app cost, you will need to go through various things that are generally related to responsive website development. In addition, you already know that this virtual platform combines an admin panel and an individual user interface, so you will need to invest in specific mobile app development aptitudes.

As a result, these points indicate a contemporary culture in order to develop the entire app from the beginning. Now, the cost for this kind of project is typically defined by the criteria of:

  • Design complexity
  • Total required time
  • Number of conditional features

Therefore, if you are planning to move on to a progressive web app platform for your existing or new business, the cost of web application development will range between $5000 to $25,000.

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Progressive Web App Development Cost in 2024

The budget for designing a solution is the topmost priority for every company, seeking to expand its online presence. The development of progressive web apps is generally cheaper and less costly when compared with native app solutions. The PWAs are three to four times less expensive as per the platform requirements.

In addition to this, by delivering appropriate solutions across several platforms, PWAs assist several companies and firms to connect with their respective clients. Along with greatly reducing development costs and time to market, it significantly enhances user experience and unlocks their full potential.

Several organizations generally overlook the maintenance cost of their platform-specific solutions, but it is important to take this into consideration before developing any app. The cost of maintenance for any app whether mobile or web is approximately 20 to 25 percent of the total cost of web application development.

Businesses and firms are able to manage their software maintenance costs effortlessly and hassle-free by implementing PWA development strategies since PWAs are less costly and cheap in order to maintain them when compared with those of native applications. However, the cost of PWA varies depending on multiple factors and can range from $10,000 to $100,000.

The Estimate Of PWA App Development Cost

Want an overview of the total PWA development cost? Make sure to go through the below table in order to understand the estimated plan in the best possible way.

PWA Plan Estimate Cost
Basic PWA $20000-$40000
Mid-Range PWA $40000-$100000
Complex PWA $100000-$200000+

Factors Influencing the Progressive Web App Development Cost

You would have dreamt of developing a robust application without the hefty price tag, isn’t it? So, the answer for these types of apps is PWAs. But before we move forward, it is important to understand the factors that affect the cost of progressive web apps.

Factors Influencing the Progressive Web App Development Cost

Let’s move ahead and navigate the cost landscape and make your PWA dream a reality! For this vision, you need to read the below factors carefully and precisely.

1. Type of Project

The Cost of PWA development is totally dependent and directly proportional to the complexity of the project. The online retail store will surely have vastly different needs and requirements when compared with that of an online booking app.

You should keep in mind the high nature of complexity present in your app, which will make it more costly to develop it.

2. UI/UX Requirements

The primary goal of UI/UX is to provide the best interaction to the users and turn them into loyal customers. You need to create brand value for your app as it is an integral part of its development phase.

The app’s design and ease of navigation contribute tremendously in order to build the value of your brand. High-quality graphics can never be an optional choice for the creation of brand value that is sure to add to the cost of the PWA development.

App features such as multiple filters, ease of navigation, wishlist and checkout options, catchy CTA’s, product recommendations, and several others should be considered when you decide on a budget framework.

3. Location and Developer’s Expertise

The location of the development company generally makes a huge impact on the next-gen progressive web app development cost. A development team typically consists of a business analyst, project manager, front-end and back-end developers, QA engineers, and UI/UX designers.

Their expertise, skills, and their geographical location will create an impact on their pay rates. For instance, senior front-end developers are paid less on average per hour in Asian countries like India when compared with North America and Europe.

The range is around $30 to $60 per hour in South America and $70 to $150 per hour in the US and Canada. Similarly, it ranges from $50 to $120 per hour in Europe. In Asia, the moderate hourly rate for PWA development is between $25 and $50. You can get help from the table below:

Region Hourly Rate for PWA Developer
South America $30 to $60
US and Canada $70 to $150
Europe $50 to $120
Asia $25 to $50

4. Type of Solution for PWA Development

PWAs are premade, mixed, and custom-built from the beginning. These three are the main categories of next-gen progressive web app development solutions which are listed in descending order of price.

You are able to purchase a PWA theme with a functional and operative design, make minor changes and modifications to the design, and then ultimately download the up-to-date third-party extensions in order to make up for the theme’s shortcomings.

When you need complex PWA development in order to stand ahead of your competitors, a custom solution gives you the freedom in order to choose certain components for your website. The eclectic solution is using customized services on a site that already has a ready-to-use template loaded.

Ready-to-use progressive web app development solutions are less expensive when compared with custom ones but they are not very scalable. In addition to this, you may not always find the appropriate and suitable templates but if you do, then you may not be able to make changes as per the requirements of your business.

However, customized and tailored PWA development solutions can address the requirements of your business in the best way and are more reliable when compared with ready-made solutions.

5. Progressive Web App Pricing Model

You can hire a freelance progressive web app developer or a PWA development company in order to finish your project. As we know freelancers are a cheaper and less expensive option, a PWA development company has enough capabilities to deliver an ideal and ultimate outcome that meets their preferences and requirements.

We have come up with three typical methods on the basis of which a freelancer or app development company may bill you. These methods are explained below:

Hourly rate

The business owners pay the PWA builders on the basis of each project milestone that has been completed. This works best when the client is not sure of what they need and what they would like. In this way, after the developer completes every step one by one, the client can provide feedback about the required changes or may ask to move on to the next one. 

Simply by breaking the project down into smaller elements, you are able to expect how long the work will take and put a stop to major adjustments from being made during the final phase of the development.


Fixed-price is generally used for large-scale projects that have numerous complex activities, making it tough to envision how long will it take to get completed.

Progressive web app development companies will base their best estimates on the time and cost for each element on how strenuous and intricate the needs and requirements are. After this, the sum of these cost estimations will be the final pricing.


Last but not least, there are some projects that are of medium size and are not overly complex. Not only this but also their requirements are clear and simple and are given to the PWA developers.

They can provide a final and fixed price to the client and a comprehensive estimate for each element. Then they offer a fixed and final price as demonstrated by multiplying the total estimated hours as per the hourly rate.

6. Deadline of the Project

Furthermore, additional resources will be required if the project has a short time limit. As a result, it will promptly increase the PWA development cost. If you give the PWA builders proper and sufficient time, then in order to complete the project, then it will cut down the cost. 

In addition to this, you are able to get an entire progressive web app development solution with better performance and lower costs. A commercial project can take weeks or years in order to complete its execution.

7. Complexity of the Project

PWA development cost varies as per the complexity of the project as well as the number of developers involved and working on the particular project. You are able to select a basic PWA development that includes just the PWA package and some basic features and other functionalities.

Not only this, but also can request more complicated developments, including functional pages, cutting-edge payment gateways, chat platforms, and third-party system integrations. You should invest more time and money in the more top-notch and distinctive features that you demand which will determine the cost of PWA development.

Tips to Reduce Progressive Web App Development Cost (PWA)

Although the cost of developing a progressive web app is less than the native applications, however, it can still be expensive for local, small, or medium businesses.

Tips to Reduce Progressive Web App Development Cost (PWA)

Therefore, if you are one among these business owners, then it is important to reduce the cost as much as you can and utilize that money in promoting your brand or doing some other important and valuable stuff. 

Let’s uncover some of the most useful tips that will help you a lot in order to reduce the total progressive web app development cost.

1. Be Specific With Requirements

You should always make notes, enlist, and segregate the required features that are relevant to your app is the best starting point. 

It is an important aspect to stick to these notes all through the development process in order to make sure that you do not step on the wrong path in terms of budget and time.

2. Discuss Additional Services in Advance

All the websites do not terminate by establishing the MVP or the final product. Frequent updates and maintenance of progressive web apps are equally important in order to secure the health of the PWA.

The cost estimation and consideration of such services should be defined before concluding the contract with the progressive web app development company.

3. Avoid Hidden Costs

The required features might ask for back-end system modifications that will surely incur installation fees and administrative support services fees.

Such a fee should never come as a surprise later. As a result, it is essential to include the conditions carefully for complete transparency in terms of deliverables, commitments, and fee structure.

4. Choose the Outsourcing Partner Carefully

You should always choose your outsourcing partner carefully and wisely. You should always look for an experienced team with proven PWA expertise, clear communication, and a focus on understanding your unique needs. A great partner can streamline development, save costs, and ensure your PWA achieves the utmost success and growth.

It is suggested that a comprehensive and in-depth comparison is conducted between the cost of having an in-house team and the cost of outsourcing your project to a reliable partner just like Mobulous.

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Final Talk

PWA or progressive web app development cost does not have a set price. However, you should give great consideration to the PWA development solution set that you select for your progressive apps.

In addition, the biggest method for saving money and getting better outcomes is to choose the top progressive web application development company. By planning carefully, selecting the right features, and partnering wisely, you are able to unlock the potential of PWA within your budget.

You must always remember that the perfect PWA isn’t just about price and budget, it’s about delivering value and driving your business forward. Now, you should decode your vision and turn your PWA dream into reality by seeking assistance from the best progressive web app development services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much does it cost to develop a PWA?

Ans. The general cost of PWA development varies depending on various factors. Nevertheless, the average cost ranges from $10,000 to $100,000.

Q. What is the future of PWA?

Ans. Progressive web apps are considered the future of mobile web app development, simply by providing businesses with a cost-effective and efficient way in order to develop mobile applications. PWAs have numerous advantages when compared with those of the conventional native apps which include faster loading times, access to device features, and offline capabilities.

Q. What are the main factors influencing PWA development cost?

Ans. Some crucial factors that influence the cost of PWA development are mentioned below:

  • Type of the project
  • UI/UX requirements
  • Location and the developer’s expertise
  • Type of solution for PWA development
  • Pricing model (hourly rate, fixed price, or mixed)
  • Deadline of the project
  • Complexity of the project

Q. Is it cheaper to develop PWA than a native app?

Ans. Yes, progressive web apps can leverage web technologies, reducing development time and complexity. However, the cost gap limits for complex Progressive web apps.

Q. What features add the most cost to PWA development?

Ans. Some features that add the most cost in the development of progressive web apps are mentioned below:

  • Offline functionality
  • Advanced animations
  • Real-time features
  • Complex integrations

Q. How can I optimize my PWA development cost?

Ans. In order to optimize the cost of your progressive web app, you need to consider the below-mentioned tips carefully:

  • Be specific with requirements
  • Discuss additional services in advance
  • Avoid hidden costs
  • Choose the outsourcing partner carefully