Costs of Developing an Education App Like White Hat Junior

Cost to Develop Education App Like White Hat Junior

Costs of Developing White Hat Junior Application: A Comprehensive Guide

Are you conscious of the brand-new opponent in the online learning enterprise? Yes, it’s about WhiteHat Jr.! No one can beat back the huge popularity the platform achieved in nearly zero time. Nowadays, WhiteHat Jr. has evolved into a powerful competition to well-established participants in the education industry. The requirement for academic mobile app development is thriving as the Edtech sector arises as a vastly tempting asset market.

According to a stats growth of education app downloads increased by up to 90% worldwide in 2020.

growth of education app downloads inworldwide

Studying WhiteHat Jr.’s incredible evolution, you might be fascinated to create an equivalent application that steers elevated profitability. But before exactly spreading the developmental basis, you would need to design reasonable funding for your scheme.  Mobulous gets you wrapped with a full direction to facilitate the cost to develop an education app like WhiteHat Jr. Let’s initiate!


What is an Educational App?

An educational app is software produced to help learners with any kind of remote knowledge. It promotes and facilitates online education, especially self-learning. Instances span from applications that instruct youthful kids on basic math concepts to apps that serve as grown-up training fora for cutting-edge experienced aptitudes.


Integrating learning management techniques and additional technologies to furnish a specialized, end-to-end education key is the core process of an education app medium.


Introduction of WhiteHat Jr.

White Hat Jr

WhiteHat Jr. is an e-learning platform that aims to bring children into coding fanciers by delivering them the necessary knowledge, aid, and help. The coding lesson is suggested to the learners via video classes at their residences. It is planned to teach youngsters how to think about developing apps, games, and animations. As a guardian, you prefer a coding learning software like WhiteHat Jr. for two primary reasons: job fate, which we all encountered during the covid recession, and safeguarding your kids’ future against the difficult competition in the generation of IT invention and tech-certify industries.


WhiteHat Jr. formulates your kid for the fresh world of coding. Your kid could even examine commencing his or her own company utilizing this coding strategy. The app also has more than 4 million paid subscribers worldwide and a 4.4 rating out of 5. WhiteHat Jr. is attaining vogue among parents because it permits them to observe their kids implicated in computer upgrading actions that increase their regular study curriculum.


Courses Provided by WhiteHat Jr.

  • Coding
  • Math
  • Music
  • Animation & Video
  • Art

Top Features of WhiteHat Jr – Education App

WhiteHat Jr is an Education-technology medium that assists kids aged 06-14 years to understand coding with a connective individual digital experience, launched in 2018 by Karan Bajaj. Now, acquired by one of the lid Edutech outlets Byjus.


  • Categorized classes for, unlike youngsters.
  • Interactive online understanding.
  • Gamification to make coding effortless.
  • Uncomplicated to utilize user interface.
  • Furnish niche-based lessons.
  • Advance tracking and grade badges.
  • Quick navigation with precise filters.

Pros & Cons Of WhiteHat Jr.

Pros Cons.
•1:1 Sessions


•Free Trails & Creativity


•No prior coding experience is required for students.


•Flexible timing – Students can book their classes one day before.


•No resume or previous experience is required for teaching.


•Removal of Post –

According to a report most of the posts removed by WhiteHat Jr.


•Bad reviews from employees.


•Costly Courses


Fee Structure of WhiteHat Jr.


Courses fees fees fees
Coding Classes for Grades (1-10) ₹ 4,399 (8 Classes) ₹ 23,999 (48 Classes) ₹ 67,999 (144 Classes)


Maths Curriculum for Grades (1-10) ₹ 3,299 (6 Classes) ₹ 25,999 (52 Classes) ₹ 37,999 (80 Classes)
Guitar Classes (Kids) ₹ 3,699 (4 classes) ₹ 40,599 (48 Classes) ₹ 117,899 (144 Classes)
Piano (Kids) ₹ 3,699 (4 classes) ₹ 40,599 (48 Classes) ₹ 117,899 (144 Classes)
Guitar Classes (age 18+) ₹ 7,399 (8 classes) ₹ 40,599 (48 Classes) ₹ 117,899 (144 Classes)

(age 18+)

₹ 7,399 (8 classes) ₹ 40,599 (48 Classes) ₹ 117,899 (144 Classes)


Art, Animation & Video ₹ 26,299 (24 Classes) ₹ 43,699 (48 Classes) ₹ 82,599 (96 Classes)


Cost To Develop Education Apps like WhiteHat Jr.?

Now, it’s the moment to reveal the cost of an education app like WhiteHat Jr. Approximately, you can predict an amount of $40,000-$80,000 for MVP. Nonetheless, if you desire to develop a mildly difficult experience, you will convey an inaccurate account from $75,000 – $1,50,000.


Keep a smart balance between functionality and funding-friendliness, and the absolute product will retire no pebble unturned in fulfilling you and your users simultaneously.


Factors Propelling the Cost to Create an eLearning App Like WhiteHat Jr.

Extensively like any different ed-tech app, the cost to develop an educational app such as WhiteHat Jr. relies on numerous aspects. So, let’s step through the important factors that construct your e-learning app development bill.


  1. Business Prototype

The cost of education apps like WhiteHat Jr. mainly relies on business prototypes.


Apps like WhiteHat Jr. include four business prototypes – paid certificates, paid lectures, subscriptions, and affiliate prototypes. Relying on your option, the app designer will combine various architectures to propose hassle-free understanding to your mark audiences. Furthermore, the company prototype determines the developer-level alteration commonness in your website, influencing your cost further.


  1. UI/UX

UI/UX can assemble or smash your e-learning industry. For example, if your app helps youngsters, you might be needed to develop an engaging and interactive education forum. Based on your mark audience, your creator will brainstorm a complementary interface and invest time, therefore.


Planning a kids-familiarized app will need better responsive characteristics and fascinating methods. On the different arrow, the one for teenagers and grown-ups will grab a relatively nominal duration. Therefore, your budget will fluctuate and attain elevated significance when developing a UI for kids.


  1. Gamification

An education app becomes a user dearest when it associates some bonuses at passing over every level. Such traits give a feeling of achievement to your audience and motivate them to interact with your forum further.


The cost of education apps like WhiteHat jr. requires minimum gamification commodities, your designer will cost you less. In discrepancy, if your forum stays full of responsive facets, you will spend a heavier fund on your designer.


  1. Tech Stacks

The technology utilized to prepare your crucial apps affects your budget dramatically. Also, the payment gateway combined into your coding-learning app will consider your costs. Likewise, many different stacks functioning behind your outcome determine your conclusive cost of education app.


  1. Developer Location

The area where your designer lives will vary the cost of the education app. Outsourcing your coding forum development scheme to designers living in a cheap area will favor your expense. However, if you desire to onboard a squad belonging to a cheap area, the cost of the education app will raise your budget.


  1. Support & Maintenance

After development maintenance plays a key function in propelling your funding. A squad delivering quieter maintenance costs will drop low-cost whereas a costly company will sap your pockets.


WhiteHat Jr. Contact Details


Institute Name Whitehat Jr
Established in 2018
Institute Type Coaching
Official Website
Contact Details 02268337300
Targeted Exam Coding
Study Material Provided
Classes Accessibility Online



FAQs – Develop Education App Like White Hat Junior

  1. What are the leading characteristics of the Whitehat Jr app?

Ans. The leading characteristics of the Whitehat Jr app are categorized coding lessons for various kids, gamification to make coding comfortable, a comfortable-to-utilize user interface, furnishes niche-based lessons, progress tracking, grade badges, and quick navigation with precise filters.


2. How much does it cost to develop a code-learning app like Whitehat Jr?

Ans. Around, you can predict an amount of $40,000-$80,000 for MVP to build a code learning app like Whitehat Jr. Nonetheless, if you desire to build a mildly tricky knowledge, you will convey an inaccurate bill of $75,000 – $1,50,000.


3. Which is the best e-learning app development company?

Ans. Mobulous is a leading e-learning app development company in India and USA having extensive knowledge in app development. We have created identical outlets, thus, our reliable creators have expertise in modern technology.


4. Is WhiteHat junior app free?

Ans.  No, it is not free. You have to pay some amount for every course.


5. Is the WhiteHat Jr course worth it?

Ans. According to top reviews, WhiteHatJr is the promising route to teach coding to Kids in India. They furnish an excellent curriculum to study. The educators are well-skilled and incredible.


6. How long is every class?

Ans. Each lesson is scheduled for 50 minutes.


In Conclusion

Developing educational apps like WhiteHat Jr for learners in today’s world has many benefits.

They create education smarter and effortlessly for learners to comprehend in their comfort. The perfect academic application permits students to vigorously participate, evade being diverted, and deem satisfied while understanding fresh specialties.

Hopefully, this article assists you to understand the basics of the e-learning mobile app development procedure, and the cost of educational apps like WhiteHat Jr. and takes you to the stage of constructing an influential educational app.

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