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As you all know, our company, Mobulous mobile app, and development, India has known for bringing new and exciting apps for our potential clients. So, here, I am presenting you with a new app, Event Tackle popularly known as ETapp. The app was launched on 18 November 2019. It has excellent features, better quality, and many more. Now, you must be wondering why we have chosen to launch this app. What’s so new in this app? So, here in this article, we will discuss everything related to this app. I hope this will help you to know about our app.

About Etapp

ETapp is a newly launched event and schedule management app by Mobulous mobile app and the development company, India. The app is created to build relationships at conferences and events through private event communities. It helps to save both time and energy of people. They can easily download this app on the Play Store. After downloading, they get a code out of the system that helps them to log in the app. Download this app today and find our events in order to network with fellow attendees in a private event.etapp

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Etapp Features

Communicate with each other: Generally, we see people in a meeting or event can’t communicate with each other. They do not get time to clear their doubts. The app provides a proper way to communicate with each other. With the help of the app; they can chat among themselves related to the event.etapp communication with each other

Check the schedule: In a busy scheduled life, it’s challenging for people to remember all the time and schedule of the event. They need an app that can help them to know about the timing of the app. So, with the help of the app, people can easily see the schedule for the event and also bookmark the event.

Keywords: As we all know, the keywords of any critical event are so much essential for anyone. The app has amazing features to list all the keyboards. With the help of our app, they can search for crucial keywords within the event.etapp

To get participated: The app is created to make the life of people easy and smooth. With the help of our app, people can send a request to join the event without wasting much time on any formalities. They can also check the complete list of Joiners of that particular event.etapp

Important details: In the app, all the forms get filled up from the admin panel, and data gets reflected on the app accordingly. As the event name, the date is mentioned in listing screen people, can check every essential detail related to the event.etapp check the event

How to install the ETapp application?

Step 1. Go to your Google Play Store and Search for ETapp.
Step 2. Select the app and tap on the Install button.
Step 3. After installing the app, go to your phone home screen, and there you find the installed app.
Step 4. Open the app, and to fully use the application, you need to sign in.
Step 5. Sign in and fill the requisite details like your name, email id, and set password there.
Step 6. Now, you can use the application.


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