PaginAzul & PaginAzul Pro: A host of services under one roof


Are you looking for a host of services under one roof? Well! Who isn’t? Mobulous is thrilled and delighted to introduce the first service app ever developed – PaginAzul. Mobulous Technologies is excited to unveil our new wonder in developing a fantastic app for our valued client – PaginAzul & PaginAzul Pro, where users can get a different category of services. The app is freshly-designed with easy-to-use & intuitive features. Get all kinds of services right away with PaginAzul & PaginAzul Pro app. 

About PaginAzul & PaginAzul Pro

PaginAzul & PaginAzul pro both apps are equipped with almost similar features & functions. Our developers created this brilliant app for one of our clients that brings together professionals and users that need services “right away.” All you need to do is select the service category you need and request a quote inquiry. Once you make a quote request, you will get several proposals from suitably qualified professionals for comparative price analysis. Users can closely review all the service providers (based on your assessments, rates, proximity, etc.) and accept the offer through the PaginAzul app.

As soon as you select the offer, you can reach out to the professional directly via phone call or LIVE CHAT within the platform. Moreover, the app tracks when the service starts, when it ends, and the provider is paid on time, with the final invoice’s approval, all via PaginAzul. Users can update the feedback about the service provider via the app so that others know about your experience with that provider.

PaginAzul Features

  • Category/subcategory of services

Professionals can place an order of services according to user requirements; the user can select the km under which he will like to have the professional request for his/her work starting from 20km.Category

  • Profile

Once a service request is received from a professional, users can view their profile before accepting the offer. Users can review the professionals’ ratings, which are given by the previous users for his work/service.User My Profile

  • Live Chat

Once you accept the offer, the app allows you to contact the professionals via live chat or phone calls. Isn’t it amazing?User Chat Screen

  • Tracking feature

The user can see where the professional has reached with the tracking feature. There is a progress bar under the chat screen where the professional will click on the start, and the message will automatically go to the user.Track Distance

  • Notify the user about the arrival

 Once a professional arrived at the right place, he/she can press the arrive button where notification and message will automatically come to the user. On the progress bar, it will reflect that the professional has arrived.Provider Notify User For Arrival

  • Create and View the invoice

 Once the work is completed, the professional can create an invoice, and the user can view the invoice.Provider Create Invoice

  • Give Ratings

Once the service is completed, users can give ratings to the professional for their service.Rating

  • Past Orders

Users can check all the details of previous orders.Past Order

PaginAzul Pro Features 

  • Cancel the Order

Professionals can cancel the order if the area is far away or given the other reason as given in the app.Provider Cancel Order

  • Contact customer

Professionals can view the user contact number and call the customer if need.Provider Calling Customer

  •  Notification off

 Professional can off the notification if he/she is not available to provide the service. Once the professional off the notification button, then he/she will not receive any order.Provider Notification On Off

How to install and use the PaginAzul & PaginAzul Pro application?

  • Go to the App Store & Google Play Store and type the PaginAzul app.
  • Click on the PaginAzul & PaginAzul Pro app and tap on the install button.
  • Once the app is installed, you can find the app on your home screen
  • Open the App and Sign up to create your account.
  • Select the services that you need and request a proposal request.
  • Choose the professional according to their profile and select the one.
  • Professionals are right on their way to your home.
  • Enjoy the service and pay the amount via app or cash.

Meet the app development company that developed PaginAzul App – Mobulous

This unique app is developed and designed by Mobulous, one of India’s leading Mobile App development companies that provide services globally. We always try to innovate and develop feature-rich, top-class mobile apps that give your businesses a competitive edge. We provide on-demand apps solutions for your holistic business growth.

We take pride in our team for continually developing top-class and unique apps for our esteemed clients. We have a team of experts that always put 100% effort into delivering the best results. 

Our professional team has a creative mind that can turn your ideas into a phenomenal reality with a user-friendly approach. Our experts hold the experience to develop the app for varied industries such as E-commerce, healthcare, gaming, social, education, finance.

For any app development service needs, Contact Mobulous, offering you the most cost-effective, hassle-free, and holistic, and futuristic app development services. We are continually redefining the fundamental thought of what people can do with a mobile device with our creativity.

So, what are you waiting for?

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