STUDIO CAPTION PRO: Enhancing Live Service Provision

Studio Captain Pro

The web panel that we provide is used for communication on the two primary services that we offer. The first one being photography, and the second one is beauty treatment services. These services are used heavily, especially on occasions and professional events, and that is the very reason why we are providing concerned clients with a much smoother version to seek these services.
The panel allows as the base for the customer and admin to keep track of all the activities that are happening from the start to end.Login-caption-pro

The dashboard has multiple viewpoints for the client. It comprises of all the targets, to-do-list, notice board which has all the messages that can be viewed. This is followed by post messages, phone, and phone messages.dashboard

Targets represent the task that is to be completed for the client. Their status is shown as the progress of the task. This keeps both the client and service provider updated about it.

The primary purpose of these lists is to sort the task in a much better way. These help in differentiating the functions based on the client and also helps in estimating the timeline.

Notice board
The notice board has all the essential messages that are to be viewed. These can be added as a note to update the works and to receive any update regarding the service. These are followed by post messages and phone messages, which together build the whole notice board system features.

Calendar screen
The calendar screen is essential for this web panel. It has a quick update on the progress of all the tasks. As studio caption pro is linked with twp services, namely photography and beauty treatments, one can view the appointments and the checkpoint of the services that they made a booking for.
The appointment bookings are viewed as studio-1, studio-2, and makeup treatment. The ones entitled as studio fall under photography while makeup treatment maps to the prominent bookings.calendar

Client book
The client book is the database of all the clients that are using your services. This has information right from the leads to them becoming our clients. There are specific data that are required for these clients. The client notebook is responsible for having all those as notes.
Whenever a new client is added, you find options to fill all the information regarding them.

Client profile
The client profile supposedly handles the information of every client that is present in the client book. Data such as contact numbers, attachments, and essential notes are available in their profiles. Even orders history can be found in the client profile.

Lead list
The lead list is the set of people that are seen as potential clients and should be approached to provide our services.Lead-list

Target screen
The target screen is that step of the web panel wherein you will be able to view the daily tasks of the services that are demanded by the clients. This break down of tasks makes it much easier for the provider to allot the right amount of work daily.
You have to enter the client details and type of service that is being dealt with. The payments can be made once the progress of tasks is locked.

This would want you to recap all the technical steps that you have done throughout the progress of the task. Once this is ensured, the payments can be done and viewed on the finance screen. Any mistakes to be rectified can be made on or before this screen.

Appointment page
We are dealing with two types of services. They are photography and beauty treatments. Whenever a booking is made, you navigate through the kind of service first. As soon as the booking has arrived, you go to the consultation form. This has all the information about the client.
So you can understand the flow from booking to customer and payment details on this screen.


The web panel is designed dot manage thousands of clients at the same time. The work is well channeled and optimized to meet client and provider requirements. The transparency that it provides gives our clients trust in the services that we are offering. Considering the technical back up that we give to the service of studio caption pro makes it unique.

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